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Notes for Bank insiders by Paul Romer

(484) 425-2982 (29 May 2017)

This is a mirror of a blog that I have been updating periodically to communicate with World Bank insiders. In response to press inquiries about objections to my insistence on clearer writing in Bank documents, I decided to make what I had written visible to the world. For links to these news articles, …


A Few Good Numbers (15 May 2017)

The type of number that often surfaces in discussions about gender equality:

77%–the overall ratio at the Bank of women’s wages to men’s

The surprising number from a new working paper by Jishnu Das, Clement Jobert, (both from DECRG) and Sander Florian Tordoir (from HR):

96%–the ratio of women’s wages to men’s among staff who entered the Bank at grade GF and have worked here for 15 years

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337-343-7872 (24 Jan 2017)

People make progress by discovering and sharing useful ideas. The value of an idea is proportional to the number of people who use it.

Spoken language gave humans a unique capacity for moving an idea from one person’s neurons to another’s. Writing makes it possible for one person to convey an idea to many others.

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Update (23 Jan 2017)

I came to the Bank because I thought that research here could have far more impact than research anywhere else. What makes research here unique is easy access to the resources of the entire World Bank Group.

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Welcome (22 Jan 2017)

I’m experimenting with this blog as a way to communicate with people who work in Development Economics.